Window replacement is responsible for adding up value or expanding the living space. But, how many homeowners pay attention to their basement? Are they aware of the importance of basement windows? Well, the idea of working on basement is getting popular because of its ability to let inhabitants use their creativity for good.

As a matter of fact, basement windows ensure brightness inside the home and control airflow in different rooms. Though, keep in mind that not all types of windows are suitable for basement. In case of any confusion, below are some important tips to find the best components for basement.

Benefits of Basement Windows

Windows are important for giving final touch to the basement. They are ideal for living space to let natural light into the home. The best thing is that basement windows allow homeowners to save electricity during daytime. Or in other words, they can add blinds either to save some money in terms of electric bills.

So, when it comes to getting the best window type, nothing could be better than double hung windows. They can trap air and heat in the home and restrict outside temperatures from disturbing internal atmosphere. In basement, the components help to prevent air conditioning and heating cost while keep the temperature comfortable and relaxing.

Common Types of Windows

After realizing the importance of basement windows, the next worth considering step is to know possible types of windows available in the market:

  • Hopper Windows: The first window type for the basement. These windows open from the top and are hinged at the bottom. Hopper windows are quite easy to work with. Inhabitants have to use latches to let the top lock start working and secure the place. It doesn’t matter if the basement is fully above the ground or partially, hopper windows can always work for the requirements.
  • Awning Window: These are actually the opposite of hopper windows i.e. they open from the bottom and hinged at the top. When opened, awning windows can protect the home from sleet, hail, rain and snow. Irrespective of the prevailing weather, inhabitants can freely open the sashes and enjoy fresh air.
  • Picture Windows: Picture windows are perfect for maximizing the amount of light entering the home. They remain at one place and only give way to natural light for keeping the interior brighter. Unlike hopper and awning windows, they do not support ventilation.
  • Sliding Windows: In order to give an interesting and appealing look to the home, sliding windows turn out to be the best option. Since they slide on a track, they do not create hindrance for fresh air. Not only do they ensure ventilation but also give modern touch with sleek design. Sliding windows are used in fully and partially above ground basements.

Basement Window Add-Ons

During basement window replacement, homeowners have to pay attention to some accessories that contribute to overall elegance and functionality.

  • Curtains and Blinds: They are responsible for adding a layer of privacy in order to restrict outsiders from peeping into the home. They let inhabitants to close them whenever they want.
  • Privacy Glass: Homeowners also have the option to install privacy glass. They create hindrance to look inside while allow natural light for brightness.
  • Additional Locks: For added security, homeowners can also go for additional and better security mechanisms.

Important Facts About Basement Windows

So, now that everything is clear, it would be quite easy for homeowners to choose the best basement windows. If needed, they can also take expert help.