Ever get a chance to explore what Disneyland’s magical masterpiece is made of? Well, it’s quite interesting to know that it’s made out of fiberglass. But, this doesn’t mean that homeowners should expect the theatrical quality of real wood along with solidness, durability and dependability. Keep in mind that Disneyland’s masterpiece is just to cater more and more people with its beauty that doesn’t last long. In other words, it isn’t real!

While looking for housing materials, most of the owners are inclined towards synthetic alternatives of stone, brick and wood. Their choices become more restricted when they are shopping on a budget but do not prefer to compromise on authenticity.

Although fiberglass components may look unworthy and cheaper but, it’s really surprising to see incredible value for money. Fiberglass entry doors are a solid investment that figuratively and literally promise to give high return on investment. Below are some important facts about fiberglass doors that need immediate attention

A Solid Sandwich

To make a good decision about the right type of entry doors, homeowners have to think of the component as a sandwich. Fiberglass skin acts as bread while rigid insulating foam is considered as a deli meat that needs to be of homeowners’ choice. Though, to make the decision more microscopic, break fiberglass entry doors into different components.

Their frame is responsible to create the shape while comprises of horizontal components (rails) and vertical components (stiles). Fiberglass entry doors are usually moisture-proof, strong and can eliminate mildew, termites, mold and rotting. The core is made of polyurethane foam that makes doors soundproof and well insulated. They work better than traditional wood units.

A Good Medium Between Wood and Steel

Fiberglass entry doors are capable of providing optimal energy efficiency, maintenance, material and looks. They are far better than wood doors in terms of durability and reliability.

While steel doors are extremely insulating and strong, they couldn’t give the desired feel and beauty as that of fiberglass. In short, fiberglass is the happy medium between wood and steel that works as an incredible front portal of the home.

Rough and Tough, As Needed!

The best part of having fiberglass entry doors Canada is that they are weather resistant. Their compression molding process gives a sealed, uniform surface that is free of breaks and cracks. The damages are actually avoidable as compared to natural products. Their resistant ability to weather includes humidity, snow, mist and rain.Reasons to Choose Fiberglass Entry Doors for the Home

Style Varieties

Fiberglass entry doors are available in myriads of styles that can blend well with different home styles, including contemporary, craftsman, Dutch, decorative and classic. However, if someone wants to re-colorize the façade or touch-up the previous work, repainting turns out to be the ideal approach


Unlike steel units, fiberglass entry doors are available in textured finish that mimics real wood material. Teak, mahogany, oak and fir are a few examples of the woods that fiberglass material can mimic.There are many other important facts about fiberglass entry doors Canada. Homeowners just have to know where and when they should get it installed.